NGV Gas Tracer DAQ & Control

This objective of the system is to obtain the helium and argon gas injection flow rate from welding tank. The portable DAQ kit consists of cRIO as the controller and several I/O modules for interfacing with the sensors. The system measures pressure and temperature of the gas such as Argon/Helium. This system will be used in the safe area on an oil platform and the hardware complies to the offshore hardware requirements.

Offshore UPS Human Machine Interface

Functioning to monitor UPS System and send the updates to the platform’s Distributed Control System (DCS). The system uses NI-cRIO as the controller and NI-TPC as the monitor. NI-cRIO acquires all the power parameters such as load voltage/current and breaker position via serial modbus protocol. Besides interactively displaying the status of the UPS system, the HMI system will also log the events and alarms locally for future troubleshooting exercises.

Dynamic Payload Monitoring System

An extremely powerful multi-function inertial and position information system designed to provide decision support and data collection for offshore marine operations. It provides accurate vessel motions, attitude (heading, pitch and roll) and position. It incorporates a wireless communication system as well as the ability to connect over long distances (up to 100m) by wire with a Ethernet connection to a PC. The application software that runs on the host PC can view and log the data from multiple sensors.

Carbon Absorption Kinetics Unit

This SCADA project has been installed in Carbon Dioxide Absorption Kinectic Unit (CAKU) for our client who are leader in Natural Gas for Vehicle (NGV) industry in Malaysia. The system functionalities are to control the high pressure pump and control valve, to monitor the gas flow and mixing rate between Nitrogen gas with Carbon Dioxide, Metana and rare gas. Our developed system allows user to perform analysis on data collection and trending.

Slug Flow Monitoring System

Objective for this system is to conduct research on air particle detection in water while mixing in certain flow speed condition. This project’s application will be implemented by Petronas Carigali. The system is equipped with solenoid control valves, water pumps, mass flow meters, water flow meters and an air compressor. All devices are integrated to an NI USB controller.

Green House Monitoring System

In this project where we developed a wireless and internet-accessible system to monitor sensors reading and control actuators for determining the optimum surrounding conditions for greenhouse plantations. The solution is based on NI cRIO and NI LabVIEW to measure the data of temperature, humidity, Ion Selective Electrode (pH, Ag/AgCl & etc), soil EC, and water level. The actuators are solenoid valve, exhaust fan with variable speed, pumps and mist sprinkler.

Online Production Line Monitoring System (OPMS)

This system has been developed specially to monitor production efficiency such as machine status, system condition (On/Off), production rate output and etc, so at the end of the day users are able to perform and measure their system’s efficiency rate from the touch panel screen. This stand-alone system is powered by LabVIEW and based on cRIO platform. It is also has the capability to display the result on a web browser.

PXI-Based Chip Tester

This system was developed to perform the bench-top test for our client who is focusing on Research and Development in Microelectronics Design. The system also comes with PXI-Based software, which features a simple interface to enable users to customize the test to fit their needs. It can also test multiple test on IC at one time, thus increasing production efficiency.

Supercharger Test Rig

This system is using NI cRIO and LabVIEW to measure the RPM of the supercharger, temperature and pressure of the inlet and discharge air from T-Map sensors during the supercharger test. The purpose is to determine the performance and quality for each supercharger parts . The system is embedded in a Touch Panel Computer which will allow user to monitor the results of acquired data and making some analysis. The maximum test RPM was at 12,000 RPM.