V-Sys Instrumentation Training Kit (ITK) is a compact training console consists of variety sensors that is design to simulate a real world application. ITK is suitable for teaching sensors and transducers in university. It works seamlessly with most of National Instruments Data Acquisition Platform including NI USB-DAQ, NI ELVIS and cRIO. Taking advantage of powered by LabVIEW, user may able to customize the program according to the application related to the sensor. ITK 200 available with five(5) Instrumentation Modules that include motion sensor, humidity sensor, touch sensor, ultrasonic sensor, force sensor and many more. ITK also consists Traffic Light Module that mimic T-junction traffic light system.


  • Measure Temperature
  • Detect Nearby Object Via Reflected Infrared signal
  • Detect movement
  • Distance Measurement


  • Instrumentation Modules
  • Integrate with over than 10 sensors
  • 2 Automatic Street Light


  • Determine Linear Position
  • Angle Displacement Measurement
  • Measure Force Applied To an Object


  • Sense Motion
  • Determine Rotation & Direction
  • Low Power Consumption infrared Remote Control System


Process Control Module (PCM) is a VSys ITK200 Module that is proposed to be used for Control System. This PCM is a universal module that is suitable for teaching Open Loop and Closed Loop System. Couple this PCM with Process Flow Plant (PFM) enables student to learn how control system is applied on a valve to control a water level in two tank. This PFM and PCM demonstrate the water level controller. A limit switch is attach to each tank to measure the water level . This will trigger the valve to on and off.


  • Process Control & Instrumentation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Mechatronics
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Biomechanics
  • Computerized Electronic Instrumentation



  • Detachable and Modular Instrumentation Modules
  • Integrate with over than 10 sensors
  • Compact Size for easy carrying and handling
  • Programmed using LabVIEW
  • General Purpose I/O included
  • Adjustable console
  • 2-units solderless breadboard
  • Instrumentation Module can be attached to NI ELVIS

HT Trainer kit -Basic is used to conduct easy experiments to observe temperature control, humidity control and directional control etc. An acrylic glass made enclosure which take advantages of it is very clear for observation, weathers well and also light in weight. It has 2 intensity of light and 2 speed of fan controlled by circuit. The setup includes 1 unit humidity & temperature sensor,1 unit of data WSN node, 1 unit dimmable lamp and 1 variable speed fan. Local product with local support and warranty.

THS23 is 2-wire Temperature & Humidity Transmitter. As the THS23 is a humidity and temperature transmitter, it relies on internal sensors to take the measurements. For humidity, the TH23 utilizes a capacitive thin-film polymer sensor. The thin-film polymer either absorbs or releases water vapor as the relative humidity of the ambient air rises or drops. The electronics of the instrument convert the capacitance into a current or voltage output which indicates the humidity. For temperature measurements, the resistance increases as the temperature of the surrounding environment increases. The electronics of the instrument measure the resistance of the sensor,converting it into a second current or voltage output proportional to the temperature.


  • NI WSN-9791 Ethernet Gateway device(s), with 9–30V power supply
  • NI WSN-3212 node devices with four 1.5 V AA alkaline
  • HT Training Kit
  • Ethernet cable/connection
  • Host PC running Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Screwdrivers: a 1/8 in. flathead and a number 1 Phillips


  • Minimum NI LabVIEW version 8.6.1(32-bit) or later
  • NI WSN Module 2010 or later
  • NI-WSN software version 1.3 or later
  • Ready made LabVIEW based program (Optional)


  • Size: 320mm x 200mm x 220mm
  • 1 unit 12V dimmable lamp
  • 1 unit 12V variable speed fan
  • 1 unit 12V power supply
  • 1 unit Humidity & temperature sensor
  • 1 unit lamp & fan controller
  • 1 unit WSN node


VSYS Vessel Monitoring System (VMS100) is an embedded remote monitoring solution customized for vessels or floating off-shore platforms. VMS100 uses NI CompactRIO as the platform, which offers the modularity and robustness – it comes with a multitude of marine certifications. It is ideal for monitoring and recording various ship-board parameters, such as tank fuel levels, engine data, power parameters, ship’s heading direction, course and speed. All these are done remotely and the data transfer are in real-time. This system consists of five main modules – Engine Monitoring (EMS Module) , Power Monitoring (PMS Module), Vsys Integration Platform (VIS Module), Vessel Tracking (VTS Module) and Fuel Monitoring (FMS Module). This modularity concept offers flexibility for the clients for initial adaptation and future expansion. It also enables implementation on all market size from small fishing ship to larger offshore operators and tankers, and thus, ensuring better long term ROI. At the on-shore client program, users can request for the HMI and reports to be customized to meet their current logistics and planning operation.

Engine Monitoring System


Engines are the most expensive single item on a vessel.They can be very expensive to repair or replace. VSYS provides continuous monitoring and alarm generation to assist in monitoring the RPM, Oil Temperature, Torque reading, Load Monitoring, Oil Pressure Indicator and even Rudder Angle Indicator by interfaces directly to the engine’s electronic brain that runs these engines reading the sensor information from the electronic module. On mechanical engines, or non-electronic engines, VSYS gathers engine operational data directly from the sensors.

Power Monitoring System


VSYS PMS is a combination of logging and analysis firmware between the NI cRIO and the LabVIEW interface, thus ensuring a high-performance, rugged, embedded monitoring & control system. It is the powerful analysis tools of LabVIEW combined with high-performance embedded controller,live monitoring of frequency deviations and allow the detection of deformations and spikes in the power quality measurement and analysis system.

Fuel Monitoring System


VSYS FMS is the biggest module in our VMS setup, which monitor fuel consumption rate from bunker, tank and genset in and out with accurate measurement through an user-friendly Graphic User Interface. It is also possible to integrate with RPM reading, engine temperature and torque speed using VSYS VIS to allow better usage information. The data will be updated at the server and client apps and will able to get the consumption record in real time and offline.

Vsys Integration System


VSYS VIS is a LabVIEW based application which allow seamless integration between our solution with other existing system on the vessel for Data Acquisition and Logging. It is a tool that we’ve used to develop engineering applications for SCADA, Data Acquisition & Control system. In several industries, this system provide significant competitive advantage commercially over other local and abroad competitors. It run on embedded and wireless platform, high scalability, open architecture and enable highly integration with most common hardware or software.

Vessel Tracking System


Track your vessels, your customers’ vessels, your suppliers’ vessels and service vessels all in real-time through a highly customizable interactive display. VSYS VTS allow you to trace vessel location via GPS, coordinate ( by longitude & latitude) , speed and heading direction. Display data in real time and record it into database for offline viewing of the vessel track record.


VSYS STORM is an efficiency-measuring based solution which dedicated for manufacturing industry. The functions is to measure real time performance of production machine’s efficiency rate, measuring & monitoring system conditions & analyzing the result from various type of reports. This locally develop, based on LabVIEW and rely on National Instruments solution, are highly integrable with almost any type of production machine applications and also are very easy to setup or reconfigure. The application should help the management to perform analysis and make production related decision, besides measuring the performance of the production machine, the efficiency rate, the yield rate, and even to monitor how efficient their operator manage and handle the operations of every machine. All in one integrated report..


  • Remote access to data – report can be viewed on any pc on the same network
  • Real-time data on STORM HMI at production lines for on-site monitoring
  • Integrable with local database – MySQL, MSSQL, PostGress, Domino etc
  • Monitor and Analyse each machine’s performance status
  • Analysis on machine’s breakdown Duration, Breakdown Analysis, Production Efficiency rate
  • Downtime State History, Productivity Operating Hour
  • Help management & engineering team to make decision on production related issue – scheduling machine maintenance, monitoring machine operator & technical team’s job performance
  • Preventive Maintenance

How It Works

  • By measuring production line output and downtime countdown via the counter sensor at each machine – generate Yield Rate & Production Rate
  • Counting good or bad products – generate real time Production Rate
  • Measuring Downtime, Breakdown, Halted Operation – generate Efficiency Rate
  • Various report generation, multiple format – generate overall performance indications
  • All performance ( machine or human) shall be viewed real time via on-machine HMI or online report


Type of production machine

  • Remote access to data – report can be viewed on any PC continuous production process – Process/Flow Production, Mass Production,repeating manufacturing
  • Intermittent Production Process – Job Shop Production, Batch manufacturing


Payout Tension Meter System (VSys PTMS) is developed to measure and log the wire tension (load) and length of running anchor line in a vessel and provide capability for the person in-charge to ensure prevention on reaching maximum limit of the cable strains.



  • Main controller for the whole system
  • CompactRIO: Utilizing an off-the-shelf controller from National Instruments
  • Modular design: Can be suited to meet various user specific requirements
  • Certifications: Meets Class I DivII and Lloyd’s Register (LR) Type Approval
  • Customization: Programmable, to meet additional functions as per user request
  • Integration: Able to be integrated with other on-board subsystems


  • The pulley system is customized to meet the specific requirements of the vessel
  • Design: In house design of the mechanical pulley, required if current needs improvements
  • Required only if current system needs to be replaced
  • Sensors: Selection is based on operation requirements (max loading, payout speed, etc)
  • Integration: The system is able to integrate with various types of sensors


  • A touch panel PC to interact with the system and view the data
  • Display Size: Comes in various sizes, up to 15” (recommended is 6”)
  • Feature: Data logging and retrieval capability for auditing purposes
  • Customization: The user interface (UI) can be customized according to user preferences


  • Local Support – Low long term life cycle cost
  • Customization – Flexible to meet specific requirements
  • Expandable


  • Crane Line Tension
  • Winch Line Tension
  • Pre Tensioning System
  • Spread Mooring System
  • Drag Wire Systems


  •  Data trending
  • Data logging
  • Limit alarm and indicator
  • Modular