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Jet Engine Test Control System

  • Previously, Jet Engine Test Control System used PLC (programmable logic controller) but now change to NI LabVIEW to accomplish more in less time with a rugged, industry-proven embedded design platform for an easy maintenance and upgrade in future design. By duplication of previous system and taking the advantage of the unrivaled performance and flexibility of CompactRIO platform will improves the way of designing and deploy in advanced of control and monitoring system.
  • Jet Engine Test Control System is composed of:
    • Human Machine Interface – HMI with a LabVIEW application to process the acquired data and provide a complete real-time view of the condition wire cable tension. All the raw data will be processing by NI CompactRIO as a controller which offer layout of reporting, calibration and RUN page.
    • CompactRIO – CompactRIO platform is the main controller of the system which programmable with LabVIEW software and can be integrated with other on-board subsystems. Two controllers was used which is CompactRIO and ExternalRIO. CompactRIO module NI cRIO-9068 which contain of module NI 9205 used to control the analog input and module NI 9423 used to control the digital input while ExternalRIO (eRio 9149) used to control solid state relay module.
    • Turbine Inlet Temperature (T.I.T) – T.I.T is the temperature of the combustion chamber exhaust gases as they enter the turbine unit and used to measure several thermocouples mounted in exhaust stream and it is presented on a flight deck gauge.

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