Vessel Monitoring System

VSys Vessel Monitoring System is an embedded remote monitoring solution customized for vessels or floating offshore platforms. VMS100 uses NI CompactRIO as the platform, which offers the modularity and robustness – it come with a multitude of marine certifications. It is ideal for monitoring and recording various ship-board parameters, such as tank fuel levels, engine data, power parameters, ship’s heading direction, course and speed. All these are done remotely, and the data transfer are in real- time.

This system consists of five main modules:

  • Engine Monitoring (EMS Module)
  • Power Monitoring (PMS Module)
  • Vsys Integration Platform (VIS Module)
  • Vessel Tracking (VTS Module)
  • Fuel Monitoring (FMS Module).

Payout Tension Meter

Previously, PTM system are using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to monitor the tension of wire cable. As the technology changes very fast, we decided to create new system using NI PAC’s programmable with LabVIEW software, an integrated and graphical development environment. By taking the advantage of the unrivaled performance and flexibility of the CompactRIO platform, it is improving the way of designing and deploy in advanced of control and monitoring.

PTM System is composed of:

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) – HMI with a LabVIEW application to process the acquired data and provide a complete real-time view of the condition wire cable tension. All the raw data will be processing by NI CompactRIO as a controller which offer the robustness, multitude of marine certification and stand-alone operation capability.
  • Proximity Sensor – Two proximity sensors used to determine and measure the wire cables of anchor either pay in and payout direction of a system. It obtains the direction of rotation by evaluating the sequence and simultaneous pulse and trigger of both sensors within milliseconds. Pulses generated by the cable in contact with the linear measurement of the pulley.
  • Load Pin Sensor – A load pin is a strain gauge based that senses the force or tension applied across the anchor, via cable installed on the pulley. It has two grooves which machined into the outer circumference of the pin to define its shear planes, which are located between where the tension being applied.
  • Pulley – The pulley system customized to meet the specific requirements of the specific vessel required. It is in house design of the mechanical pulley with proximity sensor and load pin sensor.
  • CompactRIO – CompactRIO platform is the main controller of the system which programmable with LabVIEW software and can be integrated with other on-board subsystems. CompactRIO used is module NI cRIO-9074 which contain of module NI 9203 used to control the load pin and module NI 9421 used to control the proximity sensor.

With an integrated, flexible, software-designed instrument engineers can customize the information available for pay in and payout operation easily either for upgrades or maintenance in future. This approach improves PTM system monitoring more reliable and reduce time required. Additionally, with the advanced processing power of CompactRIO, PTM System can easily maintain its data information and manage the problems that may occur in future.