VSys Payout Tension Meter

To measure and log the wire tension (load) and length of running anchor line in a vessel
and provide capability for the person in-charge to ensure prevention on reaching
maximum limit of the cable strains

VSys Vessel Monitoring System

An embedded remote monitoring solution customized for vessels or floating ogg-shore platforms. Using NI RIO controller as the platform, which offers the modularity and robustness – it comes with a multitude of marine certifications. It is ideal for monitoring and recording various ship-board parameters, such as tank fuel levels, engine data, power parameters, ship’s heading direction, course and speed


VSys Retrofitting & Upgrades System

As part of the obsolescence management program, we have also assisted our clients to upgrade and re-life their existing subsystems on-board vessels. These subsystems includes data acquisition and control. Besides retrofitting and reverse engineering the existing subsystems, our clients have also taken this opportunity to upgrade the system to implement newer technologies


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