What Is VSys

VSys is our registered trademark for solutions and architecture that have been successfully implemented in the industries over the past many years.

It is to give assurance to our clients on their system are built based on proven and matured platform. The platform is one of our flagship platform that has been proven and validated over the past years in the lab and industrial applications.

  • It consists of a complete end-to-end solutions.
  • It is ready to be scaled up to include other IR4.0 pillars.
  • It has flexibility to cater for various industry requirements, applications and market segments.


Custom data acquisition platform, modular and customizable platform for various applications, able to acquire signals from various sensors (strain, accel, pressure, flow, force, temperature, etc)


VSys SCADA is our flagship system, focusing on automating applications that requires:

  • Data acquisition and/or control,
  • Deployment at indoor and/or outdoor (remote) locations,
  • Operated manned and/or fully-automated, and
  • User defined customization

The primary technology comes from National Instruments (NI), based in Austin TX.

  • Hardware: The system uses the NI CompactRIO (cRIO) platform. It is an embedded system, design for industrial and long-term usage.
  • Software: VSys SCADA was designed and developed using LabVIEW software.
VSys SCADA has so far been deployed to various industries, such as manufacturing, oil & gas, marine and research.


Industrial IoT platform for manufacturing, keeping track of the status of machines and aggregating these data for process optimization, resource planning and management


A fruit ripeness grading system which used computer vision application in agriculture quality inspection to ensure ripeness category of fruit characterized in that, the fruit ripeness categories are ripe, under-ripe, over ripe, rotten and unripe.


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